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About Spraelandhof

About us

We are Diny and Iris, mother and daughter and proud owners of Spraelandhof. Diny  has built and started the group accommodation and B&B in 2012, and since 2018 Iris has joined her in the business. The positive feedback and wonderful encounters with all our guests makes that we run Spraelandhof with much love and take good care of our location and visitors. We therefore hope to welcome you soon!


Spraelandhof was newly built in 2012, specially designed to function as a group accommodation, B&B and location for meetings. The building may look old on the outside, but this is because building materials have been used from an old farm in the area of over a 100 years old. With these materials, an authentic look could be realised, but with a contemporary interior and up to date technical possibilities. For example our heating system runs on wood pellets and we heat our shower water with help of solar collectors.

Where does our name come from?

The name Spraeland comes from a castle that used to be located here, Kasteel Spraeland, that was already a ruïn in the year 1450. Through the years, various families have ruled over the castle and the so called estate Landgoed Geijsteren, as it was named afterwards. The stained glass above our front door contains the family coat of arms of these ruling families, that we have designed in order to keep remembering them.

1st coat of arms:   Family Van Broekhuizen (1374-1465)
2nd coat of arms: Family van Eyll (1465-1590)
3rd coat of arms:  Family Van Schellaert van Obberndorf (1590-1804)
4th coat of arms:  Family Von Weichs zur Wenne (1804-now)

Only the small hill where this castle once was, is still visible through the trees on the Spralandweg.